The End Of An Era, Grandma Rita’s House

Photo of Wendy Wendorf and her clients while in office and holding sign that says "Sold By Wendy Wendorf"

Once in a while, I have the pleasure of selling a house for someone who has spent nearly their entire life in a home, making the experience a little bittersweet. As for this listing in Barton I sold Grandma Rita’s house. She passed away and the family was ready. I understand selling a home of a beloved relative is hard, sometimes you need time. I am patient, kind, and feel honored to help the surviving family to make it as pleasant as possible. 

As we walked through the house, I felt Grandma Rita, her house told a story of a church and Green Bay loving Grandma Rita. 

Throughout the selling process, we came up with a plan. From the easy few repairs, to finding a place for her possessions. We worked hard together. We were able to identify the perfect military family with a baby  building their own legacy in this Barton property.

Some house closings are happy, some are bittersweet. I am glad I could help Rita’s family through this process. 

Thank you to the Faber Family for entrusting me. RIP Rita  

~Wendy Wendorf 


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