New Family Home For Poppy Lynn

Black and white photo of couple with their child and dog, holding a sign that says "We've Moved"

There are several reasons that people decide it is time to search for a new home. Often, they outgrow the space or there is a job transfer. However, in this case, my clients needed a HUGE yard in Hartford for a cute Bluetick pup named Poppy Lynn.

When the buyer called me to look at a Hartford Listing, at the very top of this list was a large yard for Poppy Lynn. This pup needs to run free, play, and enjoy the great outdoors. Plus more room for their pre-teen Football son, to hang out with friends. 

Today, a large yard is at the top of the list for many of my home buyers and the houses are out there, we will find it together.  In this case, I knew the perfect house. We looked at it, they fell in love, and we had to act first. List their house, get it together and SELL it in a week. WE DID IT!  It was my #1 priority to find my clients exactly what they (and Poppy Lynn) need in their new house. I just knew when I listed this house it was perfect for this DOG/ PRETEEN family. In one week, we looked at this Hartford house, received an accepted offer, listed their house and got their house SOLD.  All for Poppy Lynn, this cute little family!  

A few days after the move in, I stopped by their new home to deliver their thank you gift, Polly greeted me! Her eyes expressed such joy as she ran to say hello; she jumped on me to show me her backyard. She seemed so thankful. It was so fun for me as she ran all over the fenced in yard, sniffing and exploring. There is no prouder moment for a Realtor to find the Buyer Family so happy in their PERFECT house. WE did that together!  Thank you to Andrew, Cassi, and Nolan for the opportunity to find the perfect home for your family, and the special pup Poppy Lynn! 

~Wendy Wendorf


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